Calle Madrid, 9
Pol. Ind. L'Alfaç II
03440 - Ibi ( Alicante )

Phone and Email

902 879 709

Who we are


ROMANET.CC Corporation is born in the year 2006.

Our headquarters is situated in Ibi (Alicante) and the purpose of this corporation is to satisfy customers, by turning their projects into reality. Since the beginning of an idea to its final production; going through all the needed process in order to offer a product with a necessary quality to be on the market.

We are the only ones who make and merge Lenticular In Mould, EVERYTHING in our facilities.

Each of the companies complies with a strict quality policy, and has a team fully prepared to perform these functions.
The main feature is our impeccable customer service, since he is the cornerstone of our corporation.

For all of us, what is really important is our commitment to the quality and the satisfaction of those who trust us. Team

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