Calle Madrid, 9
Pol. Ind. L'Alfaç II
03440 - Ibi ( Alicante )

Phone and Email

902 879 709


Quality Policy

At CREAME we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients, by providing confidence as we comply with the legal requirements, we improve our processes through technology, qualified personnel and we operate under a quality management system that advances continuously.

We also have a Health Registration number 39.03696 / A, by which we can produce any type of container that is used in the food sector.


Quality Objectives
  1. Meet customer needs.
  2. Comply with the legal requirements.
  3. Improve our processes.
  4. Find the best practices for technology innovation.
  5. Provide qualified personnel to the processes of the company.
  6. Operate under a system of quality management.


Serparadores de tubo Homologados Serie Multi Plastologia Viroluz